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Support the New
Life Center Project

We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make an even greater impact by expanding our facility. But we need your help!

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Added Features

Added Features

Our efforts aim to enhance the community experience and provide even more opportunities for growth and well-being. Here's how we plan to do it.


Walking Track

By adding a walking track, we offer a safe and accessible space for individuals of all ages to engage in physical activity, promoting healthier lifestyles and fostering a sense of community through shared exercise.

Added Gym Space

With additional gym space, we can accommodate more fitness classes, sports activities, and community events, encouraging greater participation and providing a versatile venue for various recreational pursuits.

Turf Area

The turf area opens up possibilities for outdoor sports like soccer, football, and ultimate frisbee, promoting teamwork and skill development for all ages while utilizing a low-maintenance, all-weather surface.

Why Donate

Why You Should Donate

Types of Donations

Cash Contribution

  • Due to the timeline of the project and our generous matching grant we are hoping to get a majority of our contributions in as quickly as possible. If you can make your entire contribution at this time we would greatly appreciate it. That being said, we know that often splitting a contribution up over time can make it more comfortable and we welcome pledges as well. If you’d like to set up a specific consideration (i.e. A majority of your gift now and a pledge of another amount for the next four years) please let us know and we will help make your gift as simple as possible for you.


  • We’d love for you to consider a five year pledge to the Life Center Project. A pledge allows you to break up a larger contribution over a multi-year period. You can download our pledge form.

Gift of Assets

  • Stocks, property or other valuable assets can be donated. Please contact our staff to discuss your gift.

Agricultural Gifts

  • A gift of livestock or crops can make a major difference for the project! Please contact us to discuss your gift.

Planned Giving (Wills & Estate Planning)

  • Including the Life Center in your Estate Planning is a gift for the entire community. Please talk to your Estate Planner about including the Life Center in your estate.

Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCD) from IRA Accounts

  • We recommend speaking with your tax preparers or attorneys to make the best decision for you. Please contact us to discuss your gift.


  • There are many ways to volunteer with the Life Center. We would love to find you the right fit!

Current Floor Plans

all images and plans are subject to change

Naming Rights

Available Naming Rights


Mental Health Reception & Lobby

1 Available

Life Center Main Office

1 Available

Childcare Center Playgrounds

4 Available

Life Center Laundry Room

1 Available

Mental Health Offices

5 Available


Life Center Lobby

1 Available

Gymnasium Scoreboards

4 Available

Life Center Educational Training Room

1 Available

Life Center Coworking Space

1 Available

Childcare Center Reception & Lobby

1 Available

Childcare Center Classrooms

4 Available


Gymnasium Track Lanes

2 Available

Gymnasium Bleachers

2 Available

Life Center Commercial Kitchen

1 Available


Youth Lounge

1 Available

Senior Center

1 Available


Turf Area

1 Available



2 Available


Childcare Center

1 Available


Life Center

1 Available

Schedule a Call
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Schedule a Call

We'd love to talk about your donation options! Complete the form below and a member of our committee will contact you.

Thanks for submitting! A member of our fundraising committee will be in touch with you based on the information you submitted. If you need anything prior to that, please contact Natalie: (785) 632-5674.



all images and plans are subject to change

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