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Target Industries

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With wide-open space and reverse osmosis water Clay County would be a superb place for a bottling company, aquacultural facility, and a variety of other manufacturing fields.

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Remote Workers

In this day and age, you can work from anywhere.  Why not choose a place with a slower pace to enjoy wide-open spaces, less crime, less traffic, and less stress. Clay County has all that with an outstanding quality of life.

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Retail and Hospitality 

Clay County is looking to expand its retail and hospitality offerings to compliment our rich history, art, and culture.

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Agricultural Services and Manufacturing along with Agri-Tourism

Clay County is in the center of the United States and Heartland.  We are looking for opportunities to expand agricultural knowledge, experiences, and industry.

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Indoor and Outdoor Recreation and Services


We are hoping to attract businesses that provide indoor recreational activities and outdoor recreational services and opportunities for locals and tourists.

Major Employers

Company / Organization


USD 379 Clay County Community Schools                                375

Clay County Community Medical Center                                    323

AGI Hutch and Mayrath                                                                     150

Clay County                                                                                           120

Ray's Apple Mart                                                                                    84

Twin Valley Telephone, Inc &
Southern Kansas Telephone, Inc.                                                    70

City of Clay Center                                                                                40

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