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About Grow Clay County

Grow Clay County was launched in 2022 in an effort to be a one-stop-shop for our community's needs. From business retention and attraction to day-trippers passing by we are here to help! Our goal is to increase community vitality and economic prosperity by implementing a bottom-up approach, building on existing assets all while attracting new ones. We focus on helping businesses, training the workforce, ensuring economic infrastructure such as affordable housing, childcare, and providing a rich quality of life for our citizens and guests. We encourage all to embrace our space! 

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Grow Clay County’s mission is to provide creative strategies through leadership and resources to sustain and grow our region’s vibrant economy and outstanding quality of life.

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Grow Clay County and its employees:

-Are COMMITTED to growing Clay County

-Believe in COLLABORATION and will work with all in the best interest of the County.

-Seek INNOVATIVE strategies and programs to improve the County.

-We embrace CHANGE and understand that's when growth happens.

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We envision Clay County as a place where every community, business, organization, and person thrives.

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In an effort to provide transparency and keep our investors and partners informed of how Grow Clay County is managed, click HERE to see our Organizational Policies


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Grow Clay County recently complete a 3-year strategic plan in conjunction with the International Economic Development Council.

We identified three areas of focus to help set goals and guide the work we do:

  1. Prevent population decline and attract talent

  2. Strengthen and grow our existing businesses

  3. Market our community and continue placemaking efforts

Click HERE to see the full plan!

Read our 2022 Annual Report here!

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