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Workforce & Wages in Clay County

Clay County is adjacent to Kansas State UniversityCloud County Community CollegeManhattan Area Technical College, and Fort Riley Military Base. Through their graduates and those transitioning out of the military, these institutions provide a large, educated, and experienced workforce.


According to a labor study by the Docking Institute of Public Affairs, Fort Hays State University, over 97% of the available labor pool has at least a high school diploma; over 75% have at least some college; more than half have an associate's degree, and more than a third have a bachelor's degree. More than half of the available labor pool indicated that they are willing to work the second or night shift, weekends, or rotating shift.


As in most communities, the primary benefit for the available labor pool is a good salary; however, in the Clay County labor basin, the second most important benefit is on-the-job training or paid training which shows the quality of the local workforce. Retirement benefits are a close third.

An estimated 19,828 or 70% of the members of the labor pool are interested in new employment opportunities at $21 an hour. 14,034 or 50% are interested at $15 an hour and 8,682 or 31% are interested at $12 an hour.


Customized on-the-job training can be provided by the Manhattan Area Technical CollegeCloud County Community College, Business and Industry Division , and the Junction City Workforce Center.


Kansas State University provides ample courses and programs to provide for most educational needs. Agri and Biotechnology training can be provided on-site by the Cloud County Community College mobile lab.

Workforce Incentives

Kansas Department of Commerce and Clay County have teamed up to provide student loan repayment assistance up to $15,000 over five years for those who move to Clay County for work.

For more information about the Rural Opportunity Zone Student Loan Reimbursement Assistance, click here. Rural Opportunity Zones (ROZ) - Kansas Department of Commerce (

There is also a Rural Opportunity Zone Tax Credit for those who relocated to Kansas from out of state. For more information, please click here. Kansas Department of Revenue Tax Policy - Rural Opportunity Zone Credit (

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