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Where is the Downtown Speaker System?

Ladies and gentlemen, gather 'round for a tale of trials, tribulations, and relentless tenacity in the pursuit of a simple dream: a downtown speaker system for the charming streets of Clay Center, Kansas. Yes, you heard it right, we're talking about speakers, but these aren't just any speakers; they're speakers of resilience and community spirit!

How it Started

Once upon a time, in a land known as Grow Clay County, we had a vision. We wanted to bring music and good vibes to our downtown. Our plan was simple, place some speakers and hit play, but life, as they say, isn't always that straightforward.

We decided to start our quest by fundraising and joining the waiting list with Street Sounds, a wireless speaker manufacturer. We waited for what felt like an eternity (well, five months, to be precise) and the anticipation was electric, or so we thought.

Just as we were gearing up for a grand musical takeover, we received a message from the owner of Street Sounds. He was having health problems and had to hit the pause button on his company. Unfortunately, a one-man show can't go on without the main act. So, the speakers, along with the dreams of our community, were shelved indefinitely.

But we had an undying passion for economic development. So, what did we do? We reached out to the owner to see if he'd be interested in selling. After all, why not move a successful business to Clay Center? However, this was no fairytale, and the owner wanted a treasure chest full of gold coins that were far, far out of reach.

Nothing like Perserverance

Fast forward to March 2023, and there's a glimmer of hope. The owner of Street Sounds is on the mend and ready to roll again. We were stoked! We got the green light for testing the wireless system. We set it up, and everything seemed hunky-dory. Until it wasn't.

Interference from the Law Enforcement Center, utility meters, and those humongous trucks on Highway 15 decided they wanted in on the act, causing sound dropouts like a bad sitcom. The Streets Sounds system was out! Ugh!

Did we want to throw in the towel? Oh, you Betcha! But did we? Heck no!

With that kind of spirit, we went on a quest to find a solution. We contacted sound vendors, brought in an audio engineer, to see if an overhead wired system would be the answer. Sounds promising, right? Wrong!

Turns out, our light poles weren't up to the task. They weren't tall enough or stable enough for extra wires. It's like planning a grand fireworks display and then realizing you don't have a matchstick.

In our unyielding pursuit of sweet melodies and lively streets, we once heard rumors of an underground conduit near the courthouse. It was like uncovering the treasure map to Pandora's playlist. But this wasn't just hearsay; the County Commissioners themselves confirmed the existence of this marvel.

Could this be the solution we had been waiting for? With eager hearts, we inquired about using this underground conduit, and requested quotes, but when they arrived, it was a jaw-dropping $13,000 more than what we had managed to raise. It was as if the melody was just out of reach.

The dream of bringing music and vibrancy to the streets of Clay Center is a dream we all share. We laugh at the twists, marvel at the resilience, and are inspired by the dedication. Your help is needed to raise the additional funding to overcome this last hurdle.

Will you be a part of this epic adventure, contributing to the symphony of Clay Center's downtown? The music may not be playing just yet, but the spirit of unity and determination is louder than ever.

It's not the obstacles that define us; it's how we dance around them, laugh at the absurdity of life, and keep pushing forward with a smile on our faces. Clay Center's downtown will sing one day, and when it does, the tunes will be sweeter because of the humor and perseverance that got us there.

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